RADAR is focused on empowering Future Makers with any project for a better future.

Launch is not an equity based crowdfunding place and RADAR takes no % of your support.

Get your idea off the ground with RADAR Launch

  • Find your earliest adopters

    Grow a waitlist of advocates and first-users who believe in your vision

  • Source contributors who share your vision

    Need a hand? Post calls for contributors and recruit from a base of those eager to make your future a reality

  • Find backers to help you breakthrough

    Need $2K to test? $5K to publish? $100k to prototype? Make it easy for people to fund your milestones, on your terms.

How it works

Immerse in Inspiration

Dive into emerging futures with RADAR reports & get inspired by our latest briefs

Share your vision

Submit a short video proposal that lets the community know what you're looking for

Pass Curation

RADAR's curators will approve or provide feedback within 48 hours

Gather Momentum

Share your project page to attract users, contributors, and funding onchain

Make the future

Bring your vision to life with the support of the community

What makes RADAR Launch different?

  • Get support along your journey

    Launch an idea at any stage of development and get help meeting every milestone.

  • Find your place on the front page of the future

    Every project featured on Launch will pass through RADAR's future-savvy curators. As users upvote their favorites, top idea will make the homepage.

  • Grow a community of advocates onchain

    Financial, emotional & social ownership of combine for a new form of consumer patronage that incentivizes adoption — all onchain.

Backed by insight, powered by community

Behind RADAR launch is RADAR's community of 300+ future-seeking sensemakers.

Through decentralized research and collaborative workshops, we unpack better futures that are ripe for adoption and craft creative briefs to inspire future makers and future builders to help make them a reality.

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